Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington, DC seeks Grounds Manager

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    Tyler Eastham (Administrator)

    Oak Hill Cemetery was established in 1849 by William Wilson Corcoran as one of the “garden cemeteries” created in the nineteenth century. It is a non-denominational, not-for-profit cemetery on +or- 25 acres of rolling hills and valleys. Interments include prominent civil war, government, and civilian figures.  Oak Hill sells burial sites and does approximately fifty interments a year.


    Position: Grounds Manager

    Qualifications: Associate Degree or higher in Horticulture, or related area; Supervisory experience in a grounds maintenance work environment; bi-lingual Spanish, spoken and written; knowledge of landscaping processes and procedures; knowledge of operating and maintaining landscape tools & equipment; able to work in all weather conditions and lift at least 75 pounds; has or is able to secure a DC chemicals application license; familiar with Microsoft Office, data bases, materials procurement, and budgeting; current driver’s license; construction knowledge very desirable. Construction experience is a plus. Please submit a cover letter and resume with salary history to resumes@oakhillcemeterydc.org. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE!!

    General Duties: Works 40 hours per week, Monday thru Friday 7AM to 3:30PM with occasional weekend hours; Is a working supervisor responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the cemetery grounds maintenance and construction crews. Insures that all workers complete assignments in the safest possible manner; Plans and assigns work duties for crew members; Regularly works with crew members in their various tasks; Supervises preparations for and closure of burial sites; Responsible for proper equipment use and maintenance; regularly reports to Superintendent on grounds activities and their status; creates and follows annual landscape maintenance plan; with direction from the Superintendent supervises the work of outside contractors;  constantly looks for opportunities to maintain or improve the appearance of the cemetery. 80% of time is spent on the grounds, 20% of time on administrative/planning duties.


    Base salary of approximately $55,000 annually paid every two weeks. Benefits are: potential performance incentive every six months, fourteen days of vacation after one year, sick pay, ten paid holidays, short term disability insurance, life insurance, uniforms, cell phone, continuing education expenses, and parking. No health insurance available.

    Specific Duties

    Supervision, Training, Safety

    1.     Begins and ends each day with complete cemetery tour to determine conditions and plan assignments.

    2.   Provides daily direct supervision to the landscape and cemetery construction crews.

    3.   Insures that all employees and contractors work in the safest possible manner.

    4.   Trains staff in the proper operation and maintenance of landscape tools and equipment including string trimmers, mowers, saws, compactors, jack hammers and utility vehicles.

    5.   Responsible for timekeeping records of grounds staff.

    6.   Acts a translator between Hispanic employees, other staff members and board members.

    Cemetery Burials

    1.     With instruction from the Superintendent, oversees the preparation, opening, and closing of burial sites.

    2.     Insures that opening of casket sites is done with sufficient shoring to prevent cave-ins.

    3.     Insures that all opened burial sites and spoils piles are safely covered.

    4.     Insures that all burial sites are completely closed on the day of the interment.

    5.     Insures that each burial site is properly set-up. Sees that the lowering device is properly set up. Sees that the proper burial vault or liner is in place.

    6.     Sees that the general cemetery premises are in good order for each interment. Sees that the route to and the area around the interment is neat and tidy and that the arrangements for the parking plan are in place.

    7.     When requested by family members, inspects lots with probe to determine potential additional burial sites. Prepares inspection report for the family and the lot file.

    Landscape Maintenance

    1. Prepares and oversees the execution of an annual maintenance plan and systemic plant records policy using best practices for all plant materials in the cemetery including trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, turf, and groundcovers.
    2. Oversees seasonal mowing, trimming, and leaf removal.
    3. Instructs the staff and executes proper pruning program and techniques for all plant materials.
    4. Selects and oversees the proper installation of plant materials suitable to the particular desired location.
    5. Monitors the on-going need for watering of trees, turf, and newly installed plant materials and instructs the staff to respond appropriately.
    6. Identifies insects and related pests and diseases. Diagnoses and resolves problems with plant materials. Applies chemicals and fertilizers in accordance with best industry practices.

    In-house Construction

    1.     With over sight from or in the absence of the Cemetery Engineer, directs the work of the cemetery construction workers working on drainage repairs, drainage installation, and hardscape projects.

    2.     Assists with the design of additional burial inventory.

    Monument Installation Restoration and Maintenance

    1. Supervises the installation of monuments and inscriptions to insure they comply with OHC requirements for design compliance, foundation installations, and site cleanliness. Records installations of new monuments in lot files.
    2.  With oversight from the Superintendent, develops plans for memorial stone restoration and cleaning efforts.
    3. Trains and works with staff in the proper use of chemicals, lifting devices, foundation construction materials to re-set/restore monuments.
    4. Trains and directly supervises staff efforts to clean, restore, re-set monuments as necessary.

    Contracting and Purchasing

    1.     With oversight by the Superintendent, arranges for the procurement of services and materials for the grounds and construction efforts of the cemetery.

    2.     Coordinates contractor schedules, parking, road and path closures.

    3.     Has a cemetery credit card to utilize for purchases.

    4.     Develops orders and arranges for the delivery of spring and fall plant material, construction materials, grounds supplies, and other items as necessary. Minimizes storage requirements. Predetermines storage locations and sheltering.

    5.     Inspects materials upon delivery to insure proper quality, quantity, and price.

    6.     Assists Superintendent with developing specifications and sources for projects using both in-house staff and outside contractors.

    Burial Space Sales and Funeral Details

    1.     With direction from the Superintendent, may escort potential buyers of burial space to appropriate locations, answer questions, provides suggestions.

    2.     With direction from the Superintendent, may meet with families to plan an interment service. Answers questions, provides suggestions.

    Marketing, Newsletter, Social Medial

    1.     Writes articles for the cemetery newsletter and website on pertinent subjects.

    2.     Adds appropriate information to social media.

    3.     When requested participates in the programs and activities of the Oak Hill Cemetery Historic Preservation Foundation such as tours, lectures, program execution.

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