Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ seeks Director of Grounds & Golf Maintenance

  • 12 Sep 2018 11:26 AM
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    Tyler Eastham (Administrator)

    Baltusrol Golf Club is seeking an innovative, high energy, team-oriented Director of Grounds & Golf Maintenance with a passion for consistently providing exceptional golfing conditions. The Director will have experience with and an understanding of great clubs and classic golf course architecture, along with strong agronomic, organizational and leadership skills. Baltusrol has a history of long tenured management teams; the Club has had two Directors of Grounds & Golf Maintenance in the last 50 years.

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    Baltusrol Golf Club History

    Baltusrol Golf Club, synonymous with championship golf, sits on 500 acres, at the base of Baltusrol Mountain in northern New Jersey, only a stone's throw from New York City. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1895, Baltusrol is considered one of the country's premier golf clubs. Its two championship courses, the Lower and Upper, have played distinguished roles on the national stage since their creation by Golden Age architect A.W. Tillinghast in 1922. Together, the courses have hosted 17 major championships, including seven U.S. Opens and two PGA Championships.

    Golf has been played over the grounds at Baltusrol for twelve decades, first on a rudimentary nine-hole course, then on the “Old Course” of 1895, and now on the Lower and Upper Courses, designed and built by A.W. Tillinghast between 1918 and 1922.

    Baltusrol’s golfing grounds have been an evolving landscape. The courses have advanced to stay current with technological and player skill improvements in the game. The history of golf at Baltusrol is a reflection of the history of golf in America – like the gutty golf ball, hickory shafts and persimmon club heads of yesterday have advanced to today’s multi-piece balls, light weight graphite shafts, and high strength composite metal heads.

    The courses which opened in 1922 were the culmination of Tillinghast’s “Dual Courses” project, a bold initiative to build two courses side by side at the same time. Untried prior to Tillinghast’s proposal, the Dual Courses concept was an historic accomplishment in the world of golf course design at the time and made Tillinghast’s career. In fact, his seminal work at Baltusrol was designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior's National Park Service. Baltusrol is also listed on the State of New Jersey and Federal Registers of Historic Places.

    While Tillinghast’s courses have been lengthened and strengthened for modern tournament play, the architect’s designs remain intact and have been carefully preserved over the years. For the more detailed architectural history of the courses, please refer to the article entitled 
    The Vision for the Dual Courses.

    Baltusrol, Today and Tomorrow

    Today, the Lower and Upper are both ranked in the Top 100 Courses in America by all three major golf publications, Golf Digest, Golfweek and Golf Magazine.

    Hanse Golf Course Design has been retained by the Club as their consulting golf course architect and is in the process of developing the Master Plan for the restoration of the Lower Course and Upper Course. The Master Plan is scheduled to be completed in early 2019. The execution of the restoration has yet to be determined.


    Baltusrol’s history of holding Championships will continue when the Lower Course will host the 2023 Women’s PGA Championship and in 2029, The PGA Championship.


    Baltusrol Golf Club’s vision is to provide members with one of the finest golf clubs in the world.

    The missions supporting this vision include:

    • Maintaining and renovating the golf courses to the highest standards of conditioning and playability, and ensuring the continued recognition of the golf courses as premier venues for major golf championships.  Modifications and improvements to the golf courses will be undertaken pursuant to a master plan that recognizes the impact of technological advances in the modern game yet retains A. W. Tillinghast’s design intent.
    • Preserving the clubhouse and other club facilities, and updating them pursuant to a master plan that identifies evolving member needs.  The clubhouse and other club operations will be supported by a courteous and professional staff.  The food and beverage program will be among the foremost dining experiences in the area.
    • Providing exceptional golf and social activities to nurture friendship and camaraderie among members.
    • Continuing the Club’s historical role as a foremost participant in the tradition of golf and in associations that support the game of golf.
    • Ensuring the Club remains a responsible organization to its employees, the local community and the environment.
    • Preserving the Club’s heritage through responsible financial stewardship and by admitting to membership, without discrimination, outstanding and qualified individuals who respect the principles of this vision and mission statement.



    • ·        $3.9M Budget
    • ·        35,000 rounds of golf
    • ·        36 holes: Lower Course, Upper Course
    • ·        Pushup Bent/Poa greens (#9 on the Upper Course and the practice facility greens are USGA construction)
    • ·        Bent/Poa fairways
    • ·        Irrigation system Toro Lynx
    • ·        Bunkers, most are lined with Sandtrapper
    • ·        Golf Course Architect: A.W. Tillinghast
    • ·        Golf Course Master Plan Architect (in progress): Hanse Golf Course Design
    • ·        State of the art, maintenance facility with on-site housing for interns and Assistant Superintendents

    Director of Golf & Ground Maintenance- Job Description

    Reports to:  General Manager/Chief Operating Officer

    RESULTS STATEMENT:  Assure that member expectations are met or exceeded by overseeing and coordinating all operational components of the Grounds and Golf Maintenance departments. Create an atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and strong working relationships with the Club’s management team.

    REPORTING POSITIONS These positions/departments are direct reports:

    Upper Course Superintendent     

    Lower Course Superintendent

    Equipment Mechanic

    Irrigation Manager

    Chemical Manager                                                       

    Upper Assistant Superintendent

    Lower Assistant Superintendent

    Landscape Manager

    Administrative Assistant

    KEY RELATIONSHIPS:  This position will work closely and frequently with the following:

    · Assistant General Manager

    · Communications Director

    · Controller

    · Director of Golf

    · Director of Human Resources  

    · Play Deck Manager

    · Director of Security

    • Grounds Committee – Primary
    • Golf Committee – Secondary
    • Board of Governors
    • Operations - ensure that all aspects of Grounds & Golf Maintenance department are well-run and enjoy a high level of member satisfaction
    • ·        Oversee all Grounds/Golf Maintenance department operations, ensuring consistent, efficient, seamless daily operations
    • ·        Provide outstanding course and practice facility conditions to golfing members
    • ·        Orchestrate outstanding conditioning and presentation of all non-golfing grounds
    • ·        Enforce all Club rules and regulations
    • Project Management - oversee all Golf Course/Grounds-related projects
    • ·        Guide the planning process, working with committees, vendors, contractors, town/county officials, and staff
    • ·        Develop project budgets and ensure that projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner with appropriate quality
    • ·        Serve as Project Manager for capital projects when appropriate
    • Member Engagement - ensure that Grounds/Golf Maintenance department interactions with members are positive
    • ·        Serve as ambassador for Grounds/Golf Maintenance and Club
    • ·        Be visible during high-profile member golf events
    • ·        Develop trusting relationships with members
    • Communications - ensure that the department’s communication is appropriate, complete, and timely
    • ·        Keep Golf department updated on course conditions and maintenance activities
    • ·        Develop Golf Course Maintenance Calendar each year
    • ·        Respond to member comments and complaints, ensuring satisfactory outcomes
    • ·        Communicate appropriately/constructively with non-Grounds departments
    • ·        Conduct effective team meetings on a regular basis
    • ·        Works with Communication Manager throughout the season for articles to the membership 
    • Teamwork - ensure that relationships with all key stakeholders are constructive and productive
    • ·        Build positive relationships with non-Grounds/Golf Maintenance department leaders
    • ·        Ensure cooperation between Grounds/Golf Maintenance and Special Events teams
    • ·        Work effectively in partnership with Golf and other departments
    • Continuous Improvement - demonstrate consistent commitment to improving all aspects of Golf/Grounds Maintenance department
    • ·        Study current trends and science and ensure relevancy
    • ·        Be a strong “consensus builder,” reconciling differences and inspiring solutions
    • ·        Be an expert in technical and applied knowledge relevant to position
    • ·        Visit other clubs and facilities; bring back ideas for improvement
    • Professional Development - demonstrate consistent commitment to improving self and team members
    • ·        Actively participate in Professional Development Seminars
    • ·        Actively participate in Executive Management Team meetings
    • ·        Study, read, and strive to be a leader in the industry
    • ·        Actively participate in relevant professional associations and attend industry conferences
    • ·        Develop and maintain a network of industry contacts and relationships that promote learning and refinement of craft
    • Leadership, Management, and Supervision - provide leadership to department and Club as a whole, and demonstrate a high level of management and supervisory acumen
    • ·        Provide compelling vision for the department and Club
    • ·        Be a passionate advocate for Grounds/Golf Maintenance
    • ·        Recruit, train, develop, and oversee a strong team
    • ·        Work with Human Resources Manager to develop relevant training programs as needed
    • ·        Manage performance, duty assignments, accurate payroll, and employee relations
    • Facility Maintenance & Appearance - ensure facilities are in outstanding condition at all times
    • ·        Ensure that all facilities and equipment are well maintained and consistently in good repair
    • ·        Ensure strong preventive maintenance regime is in place
    • ·        Has a strong understanding of the playability of the golf courses throughout the season

    Safety and Security

    • ·        Ensure physical safety of staff and members/guests at all times
    • ·        Ensure that buildings and property are properly secured daily
    • ·        Ensure compliance with all applicable OSHA rules and regulations
    • ·        Ensure safe handling and application of plant protectants
    • ·        Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations
    • Financials - develop plan and strategies to ensure that financial goals of the department are achieved
    • ·        Monitor important financial information and initiate action to ensure that all budget goals are met or exceeded
    • ·        Develop and maintain annual capital and operating budgets
    • ·        Develop long-range capital replacement budgets


    Role model, delivering exceptional service to members, guests, and co-workers

    Know and embrace the Club’s Vision and Mission Statement

    Demonstrate the highest level of professional and personal character and integrity


    High level of member satisfaction, few complaints

    Budgeted goals that are consistently met

    Appropriate levels of staff turnover

    High level of employee satisfaction

    Positive image of Baltusrol’s Grounds/Golf Maintenance operations among the community and peer groups


    High degree of maturity, integrity, goal orientation, self-motivation, and personal accountability

    High level of political awareness and sophistication

    Thorough knowledge of agronomy with a concentration in turfgrass

    Outstanding written and verbal communication skills


    Bachelor’s degree with a focus on turfgrass/agronomy

    Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a superintendent

    GCSAA Certification is preferred. 

    Experience at a multi-course facility

    Experience at a private club

    Golf course project/construction experience would be a benefit


    The ideal candidate will be a Golf Course Superintendent at a club renowned for providing exceptional golfing conditions.

    • ·        Proven history of providing exceptional golfing conditions and managing all aspects of the golf course and landscape at the highest level
    • Successful experience managing both USGA spec and pushup greens
    • ·        Familiar with and successful experience managing cool season turfs; including bentgrass and poa/bentgrass greens, tees and fairways, and tall fescue roughs in the Mid-Atlantic region or a similar climate
    • ·        Experience managing and controlling warm season grasses
    • Experience in tree management and shade mitigation to improve the turf growing environment
    • Understanding of all pest control techniques
    • ·        Solid irrigation management philosophy and practices
    • ·        Strong agronomic skills-stays current with advances in turf technology and equipment
    • ·        Proven success in Poa annua management and control
    • ·        Experience with “high priority” bunker maintenance
    • The ideal candidate will be a courageous thought partner with experience managing golf course design/construction projects along with guiding the vision, planning, and overall direction of a project
    • ·        High energy, focused leader
    • Possesses leadership qualities that have resulted in high employee satisfaction-proven staff retention, low turnover
    • Strong relationship builder with a history of excellent relations with their Golf Professional and General Manager
    • Experience developing standard operating procedures and training programs to onboard new staff
    • Experience mentoring team members
    • Proven success in developing superintendents/assistants to promotion
    • Excellent communication skills-listens to and responds to both club members and team members
    • Strong budget management and forecasting (zero based) skills
    • Experience developing capital equipment replacement plans
    • ·        Strong observational skills, detail oriented
    • ·        Highly organized
    • Subscribes to sustainable maintenance practices (e.g. firm and fast, sound irrigation philosophy)
    • Golfer/student of the game with a sound understanding of ideal playing conditions
    • High golf IQ is essential
    • Spanish language skills are preferred
    • Multi course experience is preferred


    Salary is open and commensurate with qualifications and experience.  The Club offers a competitive salary, bonus and benefits package for a position of this scope and responsibility.


    Please upload your résumé and cover letter (in that order) using the link below.  You should have your documents fully prepared to be attached when prompted for them during the online application process. 

    IMPORTANT:  Save your résumé and letter in the following manner:

    “Last Name, First Name Résumé” &

    “Last Name, First Name Cover Letter”

    (These documents should be in Word or PDF format)

    Note: Once you complete the application process for this search, you are not able to go back in and add additional documents.

    For directions on how to upload your résumé and cover letter visit this page

    Click here to upload your résumé and cover letter.

    If you have any questions, please email Patty Sprankle:

    Lead Search Executives:

    Armen Suny
    Search Executive

    Thomas B. Wallace III, CCM, ECM

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