Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort in Newport News, VA seeks Assistant Superintendent

  • 08 Jun 2020 1:37 PM
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    Tyler Eastham (Administrator)

    Job Overview: Assistant Superintendent

    Responsible for the day to day operation of golf maintenance. The responsibilities include turf grass/plant material maintenance programs, property/asset management, personnel management, budget/forecasting, financial management, homeowner relations, scheduling/maintenance or irrigation systems, pesticide applications, related recordings, and compliance of regulatory issues. The Director of Agronomy works to create an environment where the staff is involved and enthusiastic, with open communications and respect for themselves, homeowners, guests, and the property.

    Basic Functions:

    • Responsible for all phases of maintenance and Agronomic operations, cost control, and personnel.
    • Directs and participates in the construction and maintenance of the grounds.
    • Administers and enforces all rules, regulations and policies for staff.
    • Works closely with the Director of Agronomy/Superintendent to operate the maintenance in a fiscally responsible and professional manner.
    • Must be able to work independently and be a self-starting problem solver.
    • Ability to lift up to 50lbs and work in tight spaces
    • Ability to work through inclement weather to include hot/cold/raining/snowing conditions

    Primary Duties:

    • Oversees the care and maintenance of the turf, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, and wetlands on the facility grounds.
    • Directs and assists the staff on the planting of new vegetation, the replacement, spraying, pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs, the preparation of soil plant beds for aesthetically pleasing arrangements and tending to high-stress areas.
    • Provides a detailed annual plan for the various property levels and the designated landscaping areas. Includes rotational design to provide the facility with fresh, eye-catching, interesting and pleasant atmosphere.
    • Manages an aggressive water usage tracking plan and irrigation systems and provides monthly reporting on retaining ponds, wells and other water source usage as needed
    • Recruits supervise and retain maintenance staff. Conducts employee performance evaluations and exercises disciplinary action.
    • Provides technical, operational and safety training for employees to ensure that staff is working within OSHA, state and federal guidelines for safe working conditions.
    • Oversees subordinates in proper and safe operation and maintenance of mechanical and power equipment. Plans and budgets for additional or replacement capital equipment.
    • Supervises and participates in the application and recording of chemical applications (fertilizers and pesticides) on the community grounds in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Supervises and controls all maintenance expenses associated with homeowner/golf Operations, including payroll, supplies, chemical and fertilizers.
    • Maintains records and completes the required reporting. Order parts, supplies, and equipment as needed.
    • Coordinates snow removal and winter maintenance activities when necessary.

    Knowledge & Skills Required:

    • Knowledge of management and maintenance of greens, fairways, and roughs.
    • Knowledge of use and operating standards of equipment and tools used in golf course/landscape construction and maintenance work.
    • Skill in recruiting, supervising, training, monitoring, evaluating, and motivating personnel.
    • Interpersonal skills to resolve conflict and work with supervisors, officials, employees, members, and the general public.
    • Knowledge of safe use, mixing, and application of chemicals and commercial products.
    • Ability to anticipate personnel, equipment, and material requirements related to golf course maintenance/landscape maintenance and repair assignments.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • 3-5 years’ experience in the golf/landscape industry
    • 2-year Degree or Certificate in Turf Management (or related field, like agronomy, horticulture, plant science, soil science).
    • Valid Driver's License.
    • Pesticide Application License
    • Ability to communicate with all staff to include Latin employees

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